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Thanksgiving Giveaway

With local partners, including Smithfield Foods and Target, the GET Empowered CDC has provided meal packages for local families during the holiday season. Over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic alone, we able to help 325 families have food during the holiday season.

What the Community is saying?:

“I love that you guys thought to show that genuine love to my family and I during this season in my life. Thank you for being a blessing!”

“Really you did an amazing job it really did go smoothly maybe look into bigger families I have 9 in mine I am blessed with the ham he makes a way but maybe while hams for big

families .”

“Very friendly staff and volunteers.”

“You could feel the love. Everyone was so nice and spirited.”

“The friendly faces and warm wishes for the holidays. Also, the olive branch for pantry items.”

Thanksgiving Giveaway: About Us
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